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aluCine Latin Film+Media Arts Festival 18th Edition 

Awards Announcement

AluCine Best Film Award: La Soledad Jorge Thielen Armand

A challenge to the documentary form, this film captures their subject in their home environment. And yet their awareness of the camera and take on their own story, takes no-less from the authenticity of their self-portrayal. We applaud the winner for their ability to maintain its accuracy of portraying a family on the brink of homelessness. The winner is La Soledad. 


Best Documentary Award: Cartucho by Andrés Chaves Sanchez 

We chose this film for its honest, raw, unsentimental but sympathetic portrait of a community in crisis, while also documenting the ghosts of that community, Its technique pushes the boundaries of the genre but its juxtaposition with harsh realities with a melancholy calm, lets the viewer into the intimate desperate but resilient existence.  The winner is Cartucho.


Best Short Film Award: La Pesca by Pablo Alvarez Mesa, Fernando Lopez Escriva

Short in a singular location, the viewers are drawn to experiences of what the locals are living through. Immersed fully in the sights and sounds of their surroundings, in one simple unifying goal, this film is marvelous in its simplicity showing skill in capturing authenticity under an unforgiving sun yet a calming unpredictable body of water. The winner is La Pesca. 


Best Animation: Fantasmagoria by Carlos Santa

The jury considered animation as a form that can push the limits of storytelling and that lends itself to metaphor, analogy and imaginative imagery. A film we felt excelled in utilizing these possibilities to explore a range of experiences, emotions and realties is Fantasmagoria. 


Best Experimental: Traje de Luces by Franci Duran

Sometimes with experienced film, the storyline is hard to follow. But with this film the choices of images and descriptions were perfect. For this reason, our choice for winner of the Best Experimental is Traje de Luces. 


Best Local Film Award: Traje de Luces by Franci Duran

Making a film is all about vision. The filmmaker showed a great deal of audacity in its choice of sequence of images and descriptions. As a jury, we encourage the winner to continue with their bold choices and with your work in research.   The winner is Traje de Luces.