aluCine Latin Film+Media Arts Festival 19th Edition 

Awards Announcement

AluCine Best Film Award: Maria de los estereos by Eugenio Gómez Borrero

The story of a woman who, while extracting oysters from a mangrove, also unearths memories, songs and ghosts. But the mangrove that once was a larder of life has become the cemetery of those who refuse to leave the territory. The winner is Maria de los estereos. 

 Honorable Mention: La Bonita

Best Documentary Award: 3 Siblings  by Sheena Rossiter & Sandro Silva & Nadia Sussman

Three siblings with different gender identities and sexual orientations bring us into their world during São Paulo’s LGBT Pride Month. We learn about their relationships with each other, and how they work to overcome rampant homophobia and trans-phobia that exists in Brazil.The winner is 3 Siblings.

Honorable Mention: La herencia del viento

Best Fiction Film Award: Arcangel by Angeles Cruz

Arcangel is a fifty year old peasant facing accelerating vision loss. Before total darkness overtakes him, he needs to find a nursing home for Patrocinia, an elderly woman from his community that is totally dependant on him. The winner is Arcangel. 

Honorable Mention: Los Ausentes

Best Local Film Award: It Matters What by Francisca Duran

Absences and translations motivate this experimental animation in an exploration of the methods and materials of reproduction and inscription. The inquiry is set within a framework of practical and critical human relationships with other-than-human-species elucidated by the theorist Donna Haraway. A fragment from Haraway’s essay & “Tentacular” Thinking: Anthropocene, Capitalocene,Chthulucene is reworked here as a poetic manifesto. Enigmatic found-footage calls into question human violence over animal species. Plant life is both the subject matter of the images and assists the means of photographic reproduction. The techniques used include in-camera animation, contact prints and phytograms created by the exposure of 16mm film overlaid with plant material and dried for hours in direct sunlight. The winner is It Matters What.