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Thursday , October 3rd
7:00 pm
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Following the film, there will be a reception with filmmakers, food, drinks, and music for all to enjoy. Come join us for an exciting opening night of festivities! 

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Ciro y yo/Ciro and Me
Miguel Salazar
2017 - Colombia - 107’ - Documentary

Canadian Premiere

In 1996, director Miguel Salazar journeyed to a small town in Colombia to photograph the famed river, Caño Cristales, located in the Serrania de la Macarena. But when his 14-year old guide tragically drowns on their expedition, Salazar must tell the young boy’s father, Ciro Galindo, which forges an unbreakable friendship between the two. In the years to follow, Colombia’s war and conflict bring more tragedy into Ciro’s life. Salazar returns to his friend and together through this extraordinary film they journey through memory to create a very personal journey that speaks to the larger issues of Colombia’s tragic past.

En 1996, el director Miguel Salazar viajó a un pequeño pueblo en Colombia para fotografiar el famoso río Caño Cristales, ubicado en la Serranía de la Macarena. Pero cuando  su guía de 14 años de edad trágicamente se ahoga en la expedición, Salazar debe contárselo al padre del niño, Ciro Galindo, lo que forja una inquebrantable amistad entre los dos. En los siguientes años, la guerra y el conflicto colombianos llevan más tragedia a la vida de Ciro. Salazar vuelve con su amigo y, juntos a lo largo de esta extraordinaria película, viajan a través de la memoria para crear un recorrido personal que habla del problema más amplio del pasado trágico colombiano.

Ciro y yo

Ciro Galindo was born on August 29th, 1952 in Colombia. Wherever he's gone, war has found him. After twenty years of friendship, Ciro's life sums up Colombia's history. As so many Colombians he is a survivor, who has run away from war for more than sixty years, and now dreams of living in peace.

Ciro Galindo nació el 29 de agosto de 1952 en Colombia. Adonde quiera que ha ido, la guerra lo encontró. Tras veinte años de amistad, la vida de Ciro resume la historia de Colombia. Como tantos colombianos, él es un sobreviviente que ha escapado de la guerra por más de sesenta años y ahora sueña con vivir en paz.

Regular screenings are restricted to those 18 years of age or older according to the Ontario Theatres  Act. 

Co-presented by:

Guest speakers Ilian Burbano and Kathy Price

Kathy Price is Colombia campaigner for Amnesty International Canada. She has worked to support the courageous efforts of Colombian human rights defenders and Indigenous leaders for more than two decades. She has also directed two short documentaries about Colombia's human rights crisis: The Hidden Story and Our River, Our Life.
Ilian Burbano is a Colombian activist born in Colombia who now lives in Toronto, and is a member of CASA (Colombia Action Solidarity Alliance).

Kathy Price and Ilian Burbano will comment on the film's premise in that Ciro's story is the story of Colombia. Additionally, the countless lives that were shattered by armed-conflict, displacement, human rights violations and steadfast resilience in the face of exhibited violence. Current instability in Colombia derives from the interaction and resulting synergies stemming from two distinct tendencies: the development of an underground criminal drug economy and the growth of armed challenges to the state’s authority. The first source of instability is reflected in the increasingly pervasive influence of drug networks and their infiltration of key societal institutions; the second is the growth of guerrilla armies as well as the development of organized violence perpetrated by illegal self-defense forces, also known as paramilitaries. The actions of drug traffickers, guerrillas, and paramilitaries have exacerbated deeper problems in Colombian society: the central government’s loss of authority, economic deterioration, and social disintegration.
Our special guests  will give us a general panoramic of the Colombian conflict. A conflict so complex on account of all the different intervening factions in Colombia: the FARC group, the paramilitary groups, the Colombian government, the drug cartels, criminal bands, and even the US government’s foreign policies. As a result, the civil population is found in the middle of these forces via contention with millions of displaced people, kidnappings, and killings. Kathy Price and Ilian Burban will discuss all this and how the conflict affects the lives of the Colombian people.They will share their perspectives on the political, social, and human rights situation in Colombia in relation to the armed conflict during these crucial times of Colombian history.