Education Program


Our education program provides an opportunity for youth to explore a career within the arts and cultural sector. Our intention is to motivate the students to express themselves visually and to encourage future initiatives in the production of film and video art work as well as an opportunity to express themselves and their concerns as individuals and as Latin Canadians.

Through this program, we will channel participant’s creativity and thoughts in a constructive manner. This program becomes an educational tool that exists outside the traditional education system where the program compliments their sociological and economic experiences.

Our objective is to create a safe and supportive environment for creative exploration through video and film, as well as to further the development of peer support and mentorship while:

  • Encouraging the development of positive Latin Canadian images that defy stereotypes amongst local youth, audiences and media.
  • Increasing the support for emerging Latin media artists and promoting their concerns within the broader art communities.
  • Engaging in communication and collaboration with other organizations in order to create a strong network of media arts organizations nationally.
  • Providing the tools and guidance for completing a whole piece, going through the whole process of learning hands on film/video.
  • Giving the opportunity to youth they didn’t have it before.
  • Using the medium as a way of expression, auto reflection, and creation.
  • Making youth aware that they are creative people, can represent themselves and keep growing artistically.