Sensory Dimensions | Dimensiones sensoriales

Friday, October 4th
7 pm - 8:30 pm
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This compilation is the result of our effort to map out the artistic field of experimental short film and its intense dynamic during the last year in Latin America. A  selection of shorts that combine different sights, sounds, and stories from the south. 

The works in this program define trends in the technical, narrative, material, and sensorial/affective dimensions including a visually bewitching and disturbing film poem, which remains reserved and vague, constituting its fascination and magic; A collage of current and archive images (Super 8 and digital) narrated by the significant speech of the poet Fausto Fawcett, and sonorized by the musician Arnaldo Brandão; Rituals of a group of Mexican ‘bird men” dying to create life at the basis of their mysterious practices in a mountainous landscape of meteorite craters, tropical rain and red earth. 

Closing the program is Parsi, an award-winning short film by Argentine filmmaker Eduardo 'Teddy' Williams and poet Mariano Blatt. The film was shot with a 360 degree camera by young individuals within Bissau's queer and trans community who take us on a spry journey through the city's neighbourhoods by foot, roller skate and automobile.

The 360 degree footage was then cropped for the cinematic frame by Williams using a VR headset. This inventive process makes Parsi a truly unprecedented artwork. The film's perpetual motion runs parallel to the driving force of its hypnotic audio track. This takes the rhythmic form of spoken verses excerpted from Blatt's ongoing poem No es ('It isn't') which unfolds as a list of similes each beginning with 'Seems like'.

Get ready to be immersed in a world of sensorial dimensions.

Esta compilación es el resultado de nuestro esfuerzo de destacar el género de cortometrajes experimentales y su dinámica creadora que se ha llevado a cabo durante el último año en Latinoamérica. Una selección de cortometrajes que combinan diferentes miradas, sonidos e historias del sur. 

Los trabajos en este programa definen tendencias en la  técnica, narrativa, dimensiones sensoriales, incluyendo un perturbador poema con visuales encantadores, lleno de fascinación y magia, un collage de imágenes de archivo y de super 8 y digital narrados por el significativo discurso del poeta Fausto Fawcett y con música del músico Arnaldo Brandao. Rituales de un grupo mexicano  de hombres pájaro que mueren para crear vida en base a sus misteriosas prácticas en las montañas llenas de lluvia tropical, cráteres y tierra roja 

El programa cierra con “Parsi”, ganador del premio al mejor cortometraje por Eduardo Teddy Williams y poet Mariano Blatt. La película fue grabada a 360 grados,el material fue después recortado para cuadro cinematográfico por Williams, Usando un set de realidad virtual.

Este proceso convierte a “Parsi” en una obra de arte inesperada. El movimiento perpetuo de la película corre paralelo con su fuerza motriz de su hipnótica música. Toma la forma ritmica de versos extraídos del continuo poema “No es” que se despliega como una lista de símiles en cada comienzo con “parece que”.

Prepárate para ser sumergido en el mundo de dimensiones sensoriales


Victoria Giesen Carvajal

2019 - Chile

19 ́ Experimental


  • Berlin Int'l Film Festival

  • Festival Internacional De Cine Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

    • Melbourne Int'l Film Festival

In  a small  fishing cove,  surrounded by locals  who murmur stories about  the devil, Gabriel will try  to decipher the strong attraction  he feels towards a mysterious masculine  young woman whose name is Héctor.


TERTIARY | Terciario

Rodrigo Andres Valenzuela

2018 - Chile, U.S.A , 15’ - Fiction

Awards: Best Short Film, Foto Film Tijuana

Tertiary is a meditation on the presence of minorities in cinema and the implicit biases of technology (face detection, autofocus and artificial intelligence) in its relationship with brown and black bodies. 

Throughout the narration, dialogs and particular camera move Tertiary offers linkage between semantic and visual self-consciousness of the video piece. The camera travels around a group people having internal monologues on power, agency and privilege while the camera on autofocus has its own agency privileging lighter skin color and keeping people of color as background characters within their own discourse.


La Fuerza De Las Burbujas | The Garden Of Bubbles

2019 - Colombia, Chile, Cuba, 13´ Documentary

This is a portrait made of questions. A conversation between two friends who wanted to meet. Verónica discovers some photos of her childhood that only arouse concerns and memories: what bothers you most? What has been your biggest wound? What are your dreams? In The Garden of Bubbles, life, art, gender, forgiveness and memory materialize into an honest moment



Khalil Charif & Marcos Bonisson

2019 - Brazil , 13’ - Experimental 

Awards: New Renaissance Film Festival

Film set in the neighborhood of Copacabana, elaborated through a collage of current and archive images (Super 8 and digital). An experimental work narrated by the significant speech of the poet Fausto Fawcett, and sonorized by the musician Arnaldo Brandão.


Meteorite | Meteorito

Director: Mauricio Saenz

2018 - Mexico , 15’ Drama


  • AFI Fest

  • International Film Festival Rotterdam

  • Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

Ann Arbor Film Festival

Bird men suffer mysterious falls in the search for where the sun rises. An altered reality through rites that converge in one objective: die to generate life.



Eduardo Williams & Mariano Blatt

2019 - Argentina & Suiza - Adventure


  • Cinéma du réel

  • BIFF

No es (It isn’t) is a cumulative poem which constant writing process extends over a lifetime. The text of the poem can cover anything. With that list of “what seems to be but isn’t”, Parsi observes in a perpetual movement the spaces and people to create another poem that is caressed, crashes and spins next to No es.

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